COMPASSION - Volunteers stepped out on behalf of A Better World to brave the cold winter weather and clear a walkway around a path behind homes in Lacombe. This is one example of how people can show kindness and thoughtfulness in the community

Lacombe Compassion Project seeking to grow in coming months

A Better World sees support for #compassion12 in Lacombe and area, seeking to gain more momentum in 2017


Citizens around Lacombe and area are starting to embrace the Lacombe Compassion Project that has been organized through A Better World.

Over the last month, submissions have been made to the web site detailing some acts of kindness and compassion in the community. These submissions are shared to inspire others and promote what the community is doing to perpetuate kindness.

Some of the acts that have been shared through the project include: taking time for tea with the elderly, offering rides for errands to those who can’t drive and bringing treats and well-wishes for staff at grocery stores, gas bars and more.

Jacqui McCarty of A Better World said she hopes to see the growth of the project in the community.

“I’m excited to see the different kinds of things everyone does. There is a lot of variety and creativity in terms of the acts of kindness already, so it will be interesting to see what people decide to do” she said.

An important part of the movement is sharing the acts of kindness.

This encourages other people to become involved and to take pride in their motions. McCarty said for this reason, she is hoping that more people will feel comfortable sharing their actions.

“In February, we’re hoping the word spreads. I think a lot of people are doing compassionate acts but are maybe too shy to share them. I hope people feel more comfortable in submitting those acts to us to be shared.”

One of the community kindness participants, Holly Kay, said something she does is to take a moment of mindfulness and offer people a small prayer or kind thought.

She said that when she’s driving, she will take the time to say a prayer for other drivers or people walking down the street.

“It’s just a small prayer, to keep them safe on the road and bless that person and their family. It seems small but it’s something I can do,” Kay said.

“I think this project is awesome. I think there needs to be more of this kind of stuff happening, to keep people aware of each other. A lot of times, there are needs out there that people don’t realize can be filled by taking a little time.

“It doesn’t have to be a lot of effort to do something kind or to open ourselves up to the needs of our neighbours.”

Kay said that already, she and her husband focus on bringing their children up to be compassionate and kind, and that through this project they are hoping to do a few more activities with their kids.

“If everyone was making a conscious effort to show more compassion, the community would see that effect. I think living in Lacombe, with the number of families and kids we have here, the majority of the people desire to have a safe place for our kids to be. The more compassionate we are with each other, the easier it is to get to know one another and that all makes it easier to lead safer lives and provide that for our kids,” Kay said.

To get inspired for acts for February, head to the web site.

Share acts of kindness and compassion on social media using the hashtag #compassion12, and invite friends, family and co-workers to challenge themselves in making the world more compassionate.