SERVICE - Lorne Blumhagen has been officially named as the Lacombe Police Service's new Chief of Police. Blumhagen has been with LPS since 2014

City officials announce new Chief of Police

Lorne Blumhagen has been officially appointed as the new Chief of Police for Lacombe Police Service

  • Tue Feb 14th, 2017 4:00pm
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This week, City council ratified the Lacombe Police Commission’s recommendation to appoint Insp. Lorne Blumhagen as Chief of Police for the Lacombe Police Service (LPS) effective immediately.

“After a comprehensive internal process, the Lacombe Commission is very excited and pleased to have Lorne Blumhagen as our Chief of Police,” said Lacombe Police Commission Chair Bob Huff.

“We were particularly impressed with Lorne’s very capable leadership style, his varied knowledge and skills, and his proven track record in policing, which allows the Lacombe Police Service to continue enhancing policing in the community.”

Chief Blumhagen has served with the LPS since 2014, first as inspector, where he oversaw all operational functions of theService, including recruiting and selection, professional standards and provincial standards compliance.

From August 2016 until this month, Blumhagen served as acting Chief of Police. During this time he provided oversight and coordination of the transition from the old LPS station to the new enhanced facility.

He also coordinated the transition to the new Provincial First Responders Radio Communications System and the return to Lacombe of local police dispatch service.

“We went through a vetting process, an interview process and a number of discussions with the Lacombe Police Commission to arrive at this decision,” Huff said.

“We certainly appreciated the fact that Lorne has a lot of credibility. He is a role model, he has got a lot of experience and is involved in promoting the police service. He’s credible in the sense that he wants to do the best job possible for the citizens of Lacombe.”