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Lacombe business community battle it out in a friendly game of Sign War

Many local businesses have played a friendly game of sign war and came up with clever signs

Lacombe’s business community embarked on a battle like none other, recently. Their field of battle is shop windows, sandwich boards and signs.

Inspired by a viral social media post from Ontario, local businesses have begun to participate in a friendly game of Sign War.

Donna Vandenborn, owner of Lacombe Signmasters, said she thought the game would work well in Lacombe because the city is an interactive an fun community.

“So far the community has loved it,” Vandenborn said.

The Sign War began when Signmasters tagged a local brewery and sports store on their own signs. Since then the idea has blown up among the local business community.

Signs calling out other businesses in a friendly manner have been places in windows, on sandwich boards and screens in locals businesses.

“Lacombe is a friendly supportive city with a positive vibe that we knew would just embrace something like this,” said Vandenborn.

Marti Doktorchik, owner of At Home Escape Rooms, saw the viral posts from Ontario on Facebook and thought it was a great idea and a way to get the whole town involved and interested in small businesses.

Doktorchik shared the post, hoping her friends and colleagues in the community would be willing to get on board. That is how Vandenborn ignited the Lacombe Sign War as the first to get it going.

“Almost every business has had a hand in it. It’s been so fantastic to watch the community spirit,” Doktorchik said.

Riley Kay, owner of Cilantro & Chive and Moes Pizza, says the Sign War has been a fun way to promote small businesses in Lacombe.

“The response has been phenomenal, seeing other businesses, seeing the smiles of people walking down the street,” Kay said. “It’s a great way to have a good time in a challenging time,” said Kay.

Owner of Blindman Brewery Hans Doef. felt they were “late to the game” but has had fun creating funky signs for the Sign War.

“It’s been fun to bolster small businesses in Lacombe and have a little fun. It’s light hearted in such a crappy time right now,” said Doef, adding, “It’s been fun to see the camaraderie in Lacombe.”

Doktorchik has started collecting photos of all of the signs, and posting them on Facebook, for everyone to see and take part in.

She says she is greatful to all of the businesses who have taken part in the game and for “bringing us joy and laughter, hope in these slightly depressing times.

“We encourage all businesses and nor for-profits to participate in the sign wars. It’s just a fun way to connect during these trying times,” Vandenborn said.