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SMALL BUSINESS WEEK: Soapy’s Car Wash a 3-time nominee for Small Business of the Year

Soapy’s 3 Cs: Customer service, cleanliness and community
Soapy’s Car Wash was nominated for the Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award for the third time. (Todd Colin Vaughan/LACOMBE EXPRESS)

Soapy’s Car Wash has been nominated for the Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the year for the third time.

Katelynn Keddy, site manager, said Soapy’s six owners and herself always feels excitment when the community recognizes their business and what they have been doing in the community for the last five years when the business started.

The business’ site, which is located on the east side of Lacombe, was chosen for it’s historical significance

“They wanted the property because it has significance with the railway, Keddy said. “They wanted the spot and settled on a car wash as something they were all interested in.”

Since then, Keddy and her staff have focused on three core principles: Customer service, cleanliness and community involvement, along with also putting a focus on using local resources.

“We use all local employees and products,” Keddy said.

Keddy said their goal is to change what customers expect out of a car wash, including ensuring the property is as clean as clients expect their vehicles to be.

”A lot of times you go into an automated wash and you don’t see anyone. When you think about it, people spend the second most amount of their time inside of their vehicle — that means it is something super important to people,” she said.

Soapy’s also likes to ensure they are reaching out to the greater community.

“Our goal is to spend at least one day out of every single month being a part of the community, whether that is barbecues, sponsoring hockey teams, Food Bank Drives and all of the other stuff we have been a part of,” she said.

That reach out into the community has led to the favour being repaid by the community

“Lacombe is wonderful as far as supporting local. It is a huge thing here,” Keddy said. “The amount of support you see from people here is incredible. It doesn’t matter if it is another business, or just a citizen — everyone is rooting for you.”

Going forward, Keddy said customers will continue to see changes at Soapy’s

“We are bringing new aspects to out customers, not just in the form of the car wash. We also own the retail building next door and we have been able to successfully bring a few businesses into town that weren’t here previously like the Pottery Studio and the Laser Tag.

“Continuing to bring in new things is a big focus for us.”

Keddy said her team was thankful for the Chamber Awards and the upcoming Gala.

We have had some nominations for customer service, we have had some nominations for small business and seeing everyone come out and support everyone is amazing to watch,” she said. “To see the businesses you are standing beside is pretty incredible as well.”

She added, “We are excited, we love the Gala event. We go every year and have fun.”

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