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(File photo)

Attic discovery at museum

A discovery at the the Lacombe & District Historical Society (LDHS) earlier this month had museum staff scratching their heads for a bit.

On Dec. 9, while some contractors were at the museum providing a quote, it was discovered that tucked away in the ceiling of the first floor of the Michener House sits a bathtub.

Melissa Blunden, Executive Director at the Lacombe Museum said that when LDHS purchased the Michener House to restore it in 1971, the goal was to continue with a rental suite on the addition which is currently the office side.

“Eventually plans changed to create more storage and office space for the Society and the tub was boxed in vs removed, with a storage unit built on top of it.”

She said that over the years, items in the closet accumulated and it wasn’t until a curious mind accessed the panel downstairs that current staff realized the tub itself was still present.

With the plans to move the museums’s office and collections to the Flatiron building in the near future, they will have to remove the bathtub to make room for new gallery spaces.