Behind the Words supports Lacombe Arts Endowment Fund

Behind the Words supports Lacombe Arts Endowment Fund

Sept. 25 arts event coming to the Lacombe Memorial Centre

Behind the Words — a fundraiser for the Lacombe Arts Endowment Fund — is currently on display at the Lacombe Memorial Centre.

The event is a unique event where artists donate pieces that are currently on display the LMC. On Sept. 25, volunteers will cover up those artworks. Each piece will then have a description placed on it that describes the work — with the descriptions coming from the Central Alberta Writers Guild.

The writers work is based off their own interpretation of the art. Organizer Maureen MacKenzie said the artists are excited to see what the writers come up with.

“As an artist, it is always interesting to know what people are seeing in your artwork. This is one way to solidify that when someone writes about your work,” she said.

Guests to the LMC the night of Sept. 25 beginning at 6 p.m. will then read each description and decide if they wish to purchase the artwork.

MacKenzie said her team will be present to help people decide if they are purchasing the piece they want.

“If they want to double check to ensure they matched the right verse — our volunteers will be able to help them with that,” she said.

All proceeds raised at the event — which costs $15 in advance or $20 at the door — will go towards the Lacombe Arts Endowment Fund, which supports continuing education in the arts. The Fund currently is at around $230,000 — with the goal being to to raise the level up to $1 million one day in the future.

MacKenzie said that would allow the fund to donate $35,000 each year.

“It is important we continue to build the fund through fundraising and personal donations,” she said.

The idea for the event originated in Dawson Creek, where a member of the Arts Endowment Committee previously lived.

“They have run an event similar to this every year and people absolutely loved it. She suggested we try it here in Lacombe,” MacKenzie said.

Art can be purchased directly at the event and taken home that evening.

We hope Lacombe comes out and supports the event,” she sad, “They can pick up tickets in advance for $15 at City Hall or they can pay $20 at the door. It is a reasonably priced event.

“We will be serving wine and beer, along with appetizers as well.”

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