Central Alberta fashionista explores coming trends

Softer colours are on the way for spring in terms of fashion.

Softer colours are on the way for spring in terms of fashion.

“Blush and beige are really dominant colours for spring,” said Bev Krausher, owner of Great Strides in Red Deer. “The colour palette in the spring is generally more subdued – very muted, beautiful shades and everything is softer. We are seeing however some of the citrus colours as well because not everyone can wear those muted tones.”

A style that Krausher said remains strong going into spring is the look of a tunic with leggings.

“Women are not going to give those up,” she said. “That is here to stay. It’s comfortable and everyone can wear this style. We are seeing pencil-type pants with this look, so nothing in a wider leg. Dresses are also popular – they are very easy to wear and there are so many flattering styles. Everyone talks about the little black dress, but the little white dress is huge now.

Krausher added ponchos are also something that is hot for the spring season.

“Ponchos are great because you can just throw it over a nice blouse and a pair of pants or a t-shirt and jeans.”

In terms of footwear, Krausher said the biggest trend consumers will see are spring boots.

“Here in Red Deer oftentimes we can wear our fall/winter selection well into the season because of the weather.

“But shoe companies are offering a littler selection now with laser cuts and beautiful floral motif and just lighter colours.”

Krausher said companies have also streamlined the wedge shoe for 2015 as well.

“It’s a little bit of a finer look. We are not having that big, clunky look. Having said that out of Europe we are starting to see very thick soles. Think of a sandal but with a one inch sole, so you’re raised up one inch all the way around – this is very fast and very forward. We are starting to see that in lace ups and in a wing-tipped kind of a look and also in sandals. It’s quite aggressive looking.”

As for mainstays, Krausher said the pump is a classic looks as well.

“You buy these shoes and they are a great look for the office but they are also good for going out at night too. It’s a very wearable shoe and I think everyone woman should have that great black pump or a nude pump. If people are trying on pumps now they are a lot more comfortable than they were 10 years ago,” she said, adding flat shoes are also a style that remains trendy.

“Flats are not going away – people are not giving those up. But ballet flats have been done so we maybe there is some ornamentation or a little bit of a lace or a toe cap.”

Other trends for this coming spring for footwear include the use of metallic colours and mixing metals.

“Pewter and rose gold are still really, really strong. The yellow gold is still being shown and then mixtures of all of those too.”

Looking back, Krausher added in 2014 ankle boots were a trend that was a surprising one. “Of course we really see the higher boots here but in Europe and in other parts of the world we have seen that ankle or three-quarter boot style.”

She added ankle boots can be worn with leggings and dresses or even shorts rather than just wearing an ankle boot under jeans or pants. The trend is to show them off.

“At the same time we have also seen boots that are to the knee and over the knee. That has been really, really popular. People are wearing tunics and leggings with a tall boot.”

For those who are new to the boot style, Krausher said a great first buy would be a lace up Oxford. “That is a great look and they come in a stacked heel, so not a narrow heel. Comfort is key and people do not have to sacrifice comfort for style.”

Meanwhile, Krausher said there are certain items that every woman should have in their wardrobe.

“Leggings are one of those items and I know there are ladies who don’t think they can wear them, but there are styles for every body type. It’s important to talk to people in the shops and take a look at some of those styles. Designers are mindful that people come in all shapes and sizes and they are making styles that accommodate.”

Krausher added other must-have items for women include a crisp, white blouse, a black and white dress, a well-fitting black dress pant, a blazer and a piece in leather whether it’s a jacket or skirt.

“In shoes a great classic pump is a must-have as well as a wing-tipped shoe – they are not going away – think of a men’s dress shoe, but a women’s version.”

In terms of accessories, Krausher said a statement necklace should be in every woman’s closet.

“If you keep with your great basic pieces, you can totally change your look with accessories. It’s important to keep your accessory collection current.”