Doors of Lacombe project salutes history and creativity

Residents encouraged to submit photos of doors to be included

As residents wander through Lacombe, they will find the City is home to many historic homes, buildings and places. Unique to each building is a door, sometimes historic or significant in itself, which often showcases the character and age of the historic home or place.


The Doors of Lacombe project is looking to catalogue these interesting or unique doors located within the City. Through the new project, a poster will be created featuring a collection of photos of doors from buildings within the community.


The Lacombe Heritage Committee is inviting property owners and others to submit photos of their doors for possible inclusion in the artistic and historic project.


Jennifer Kirchner, City of Lacombe planner and organizer of the project, said the group is seeking out submissions of all rare doorways. “It could be something interesting, unique, with details or colouring — something that stands out within the community.”


All doors in the area are eligible, even those that are not necessarily historic but may be eclectic or have some type of creative or iconic feature, something that ‘pops’.


“We are looking for anyone out there to put their hand up and say, ‘My door is interesting’,” said Kirchner. “They could have a hidden gem.”


Suggestions can also be submitted by citizens, if they see a door in their neighbourhood that is creative and they think should be included in the project.


“They can give us an idea and see what’s out there.”


She said one of the committee members came up with the idea after seeing something similar implemented, like a door poster, in other cities throughout North America and Europe.


A similar concept called The Doors Open continues to spread across North America, where residents and visitors of a certain city have the opportunity to explore the rich legacy of built, cultural and natural heritage.


Once the Lacombe Heritage Committee receives enough submissions, they will choose around nine doors to feature on the poster. A professional photographer will then attend each location and photograph the doorway for the poster.


Owners of the doors selected will receive their own copy of the Doors of Lacombe poster.


Kirchner said if the Doors of Lacombe project is successful this year, they might do another poster in a few years, hoping to show off as many doors within the City as possible.


The deadline to submit a suggested door is March 31st, but organizers are open to accepting late submissions.


To submit or suggest a door to be included in the project email or contact Kirchner in the City planning department at 403-782-1264.