Fiddler’s Jamboree this afternoon

Fiddlers from across the province on, Jan. 29th at the Lacombe Upper Elementary School at 1:30 p.m.


A long-time music tradition will return at the end of the month, as the Fiddler’s Jamboree celebrates their 40th anniversary of performance.

Organizer Laurie Maetche said she’s excited to see the Jamboree continue and is pleased to continue to see the community’s support at the events. She’s hoping to draw crowds back again once more on Jan. 29th at the Lacombe Upper Elementary School at 1:30 p.m. Entry is $5, with children 10 and under free.

“Originally, the Fiddler’s Jamboree was part of Lacombe’s Snowfest which was a town-wide celebration for families as students had time off for teachers’ conventions,” Maetche explained.

“Now, we are the only event from those years of Snowfest that is still going strong,” she said, adding with pride that the Lacombe Fiddler’s Jamboree is the longest-running jamboree in the province.

The event is hosted by the Cats and the Fiddles, a local group who will manage the volunteer positions of set up and behind-the-scenes organization.

“I’ve put the invite out to fiddlers across the province to come for the afternoon, playing as a group to start off and then for each fiddler to showcase a few tunes by themselves or in small groups.”

Maetche says the event hosts a wide variety of musical styles, from classical music to Métis fiddlers, Celtic tunes to contemporary pieces.

The event has been held at the Lacombe Upper Elementary School for approximately eight years now. Prior to this home, the Jamboree was held at the Lacombe Memorial Centre, but when renovations occurred, Maetche saw an opportunity to support the fiddlers as well as the school by switching locations.

“The school has a great stage, and it’s great visibility for people when they come to enjoy the show,” Maetche said.

She said there is a wide range of ages in performers, from as young as five years old to their eldest fiddler at the age of 85, adding fiddling is something that people at any age can do and enjoy.

Maetche and the rest of the Cats and the Fiddles are hoping to see broad community engagement at the entertaining afternoon event.