Ian Hill delivers strong message at prayer breakfast

Leaders must take action. That was the message delivered at Lacombe’s annual Leadership Prayer Breakfast last week.



Leaders must take action.

That was the message delivered at Lacombe’s annual Leadership Prayer Breakfast last week.

Ian Hill, who recently worked with the community to deliver a leadership course in Lacombe, ‘Becoming a Community Builder’, returned to deliver a message about leadership and how it is everyone’s responsibility.

Hill’s message focused on putting the onus for leadership on the regular, everyday people in a community and urging them to action.

“At the end of the day, with all due respect to the government officials in the room, it’s not the government’s job to build me a town,” said Hill.

“It’s the people’s job, it’s my job.”

Hill began his presentation by sharing a little of his life’s story and how he came to be sharing this message of promoting leadership throughout Canada.

Born in Iran, Hill grew up in the United States. He said he was purchased for two cases of Scotch, “Good Scotch,” added Hill, by a United States Air Force Sergeant and was smuggled out of Iran.

It was only the beginning of Hill’s trials growing up. His adoptive mother died when Hill was five and his adoptive father left for reasons unknown to him when was 13.

Hill said he lived in seven or eight different homes growing up. He added he was sexually and physically abused by both men and women.

At one point, Hill recalled demanding of God why He would let such atrocities happen to a young boy. Hill said he heard God answer that it was so he would understand what it was felt like to hurt, and some day Hill would be in a position where he could help those people.

Eventually, Hill found himself in Canada and said he believes he was brought here to call the people of Lacombe and Canada to become a beacon of hope. Hill said that transformation starts with all the members of the community.

“We better get off our big fat couches and build great communities. Every one of you in this room better build great community. That’s the whole concept of community builders. It’s a proactive exercise.”

Hill also spoke of time, and how time is the most valuable currency available to people.

He said that it is up to us to make the most of our time and invest it wisely, just like it is important for us to invest our money wisely so that it is put to work and grows.

“You have been given $86,400 every day, in the form of 86,400 seconds, how are you spending it?” said Hill.

As promoting leadership was very much the core purpose of the event, community leaders were also recognized at the breakfast.

Special guests included Mayor Steve Christie, Police Chief Steve Murray and Fire Chief Ed van Delden. Prior to Hill’s speech, Christie opened the formal part of the event with a prayer in which he thanked God for all the blessings that had been bestowed upon Lacombe and asked Him to continuing guiding Lacombe’s leaders in good governance and leadership.