Inner Peace Movement lecturer coming to Lacombe

On Oct. 14th, lecturer and the program director for Inner Peace Movement Canada Donna Fuechtman will be coming to Lacombe

On Oct. 14th, lecturer and the program director for Inner Peace Movement Canada Donna Fuechtman will be coming to Lacombe to deliver a lecture on what the Inner Peace Movement calls, “the spiritual facts of people’s lives.”

A lot of people lack understanding on the big questions like who and what we really are or why we are really here and Fuechtman said the Inner Peace Movement, through this lecture, tries to reveal some of the bigger picture to people and help them answer those questions.

“When people have the bigger picture of that, they get a better understand of themselves,” she said.

“It kind of connects all the missing pieces of the puzzle. If they are ever wondering anything, it puts that together for them.”

Fuechtman became involved with the Inner Peace Movement at a time when her life was quite stable.

She said she had a good job, a good family and nothing catastrophic had happened to her. However, she said that she still felt like something was missing.

“I knew that there had to be something more to life,” said Fuechtman. “I guess I was really searching, searching for that ‘something more’.”

Her search led her to hear a lecture given by the Inner Peace Movement (the same lecture that Fuechtman herself will be delivering next week).

She said, “Everything fell into place” for her afterwards and she began living a much more fulfilling life.

“It clarified and it validated a lot of things for me that I already kind of had a sense of knowing,” she said. “But when somebody else says it and you hear it, it really pulls it all together.”

She said that the Inner Peace Movement believes humans exist in two worlds at one time, the physical world and the spiritual world.

This lecture touches on a number of things in an effort to bring those two worlds together for people.

One of the things the lecture will discuss is the seven-year cycles of life.

Fuechtman said that this means that about every seven years, a person’s state of consciousness changes. People transfer from being young children, to teenagers, to young adults beginning their own lives and so on.

She said that the 0-7 cycle is particularly important because it is when a person picks up on the belief systems and attitudes of their parents and the environment that they are raised in, which they will carry throughout the rest of their lives.

The other particularly important cycle is the 49-56 cycle, where people begin to look for the greater meaning to life, she explained.

She said this is the cycle she was in when she got involved with the Inner Peace Movement.

“During that cycle, people are kind of looking for the missing pieces of the puzzle, they are looking for more meaning to life.

“They are able to overcome the habit of wanting to please everyone else.

“So they start looking to take care of themselves or making themselves their own first priority, not doing what everyone else thinks they should.”

Another interesting belief of the Inner Peace Movement that the lecture touches on is communication with so-called guardian angels that exist to guide a person.

Fuechtman said that that these are ‘advanced souls’ that go by many names and do not exist in the physical world. In a way, they are like a person’s individual GPS, she said.

“When we learn to trust that intuition and follow what each of our spiritual guides is communicating to us, then we make better choices.”

She added that, no matter what you call them, these guides exist inside everyone and the key is tapping into that existing knowledge.

These beliefs and theories come from a Dr. Francisco Coll who started the Inner Peace Movement 50 years ago in the United States.

The Inner Peace Movement has since grown to exist in 40 countries around the globe.

Fuechtman will be delivering her lecture two times on Oct. 14th at the Greenway Inn. Cost is $21 per person and the lecture is about 90 minutes long.