Lacombe Senior’s Lodge recieves donation of sensory blankets

Lacombe Senior’s Lodge recieves donation of sensory blankets

Joan Blood has been creating unique blankets for the Lodge since Oct. 2018

Joan Blood of Wolf Creek Creations originally wanted to give seniors in Lacombe a warm gift for the holiday season.

Her plan was to deliver weighted blankets, lap pads and wheat bags to the Lacombe Seniors Lodge, but her plan was briefly derailed after she was forced to spend nearly three weeks in the hospital back in October.

Blood, however, remained committed to providing this gift to the people at the Lodge.

“I asked if people would come help make weights for the LapPads. The turnout was to but we did do 798 two-ounce bags in a few hours Which was a god send,” she said in an email to the Lacombe Express.

When Christmas rolled around, she had created 33 blankets — which wasn’t enough for every senior in the lodge, which was a vital part of her plan.

Blood set a new goal for Valentine’s Day, but that too was an ambitious timeline. Thankfully, blood was able to recruit the help of some good friends.

“With the help of Janine Torgerson and Peggy Leonard we managed to finish the project,” Blood said.

The sensory blankets by Wold Creek Creations — Blood’s company — each come with a unique piece of art work created by Blood using a free-motion quill on cotton printed panel.

For this project, she ensured that each quilt was different — even if she did reuse some of the patterned print.

Blood was able to deliver all of the blankets necessary to the Lodge on March 7th, completing her goal from all the way back in October and giving each senior at the Lodge a unique blanket to stay warm with.

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Lacombe Senior’s Lodge recieves donation of sensory blankets