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Over $1,000 donated to Lacombe FCSS from Cilantro and Chive’s burger of the month

The Back to School Burger was designed by Rory Whitbread,a local teacher, and brought in $1,138
September Burger of the Month Guest Chef Rory Whitbread, Cilantro and Chive Assistant Restaurant Manager Danika Foesier, Lacombe and District FCSS Executive Director Susan MacDonald and FCSS Special Projects and Volunteer Co-ordinator Jan Pocock. A total of $1138 was turned over to FCSS’s PASS Program today, proceeds from the “Back to School Burger.” (Photo Submitted)

Cilantro and Chive has donated over $1,000 to Lacombe and District’s FCSS’s PASS Program thanks to their “back to school” burger.

Each month the local brings a “guest chef” on board to design a burger and proceeds from the sale of that specific burger is donated to a charity of the guest’s choice.

In September Rory Whitbread, a teacher as Crestomere Junior High School, created the “perfect burger to slide into fall with.”

Whitbread chose to support the PASS Program (Program Admissions Sport Subsidy) because it allows families facing financial hardships to still access recreational programs in the City and County of Lacombe.

FCSS believes children who are involved in activities such as sport, drama, art and clubs are more connected to their community. This helps children do better in school, makes them feel more confident and less alone.

Whitbread says he understands the importance of extracurricular activities for children, which is why he chose to support a program that enables all children have the opportunity to participate.

“We have been thrown some curve balls this year. Many families have been limited in their abilities to pay for school supplies and play in community sports. FCSS PASS program is an incredible community boost to help those in need and ensure everybody gets back in the game,” Whitbread said.

In total, the Back to School Burger brought in $1,138 which was donated to Lacombe and District FCSS on Oct. 6.

In 2019, the PASS Program helped 29 local children connect with activities they love and play.

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