Spooky music is on the menu Saturday, Nov. 4 as Cowichan Consort continues Halloween for a few more days. (Submitted)

Short scares

A Halloween Prank

Parker Berry

I put a book on the shelf. A shiver ran down my neck when I heard creaking floorboards and the bell at the front desk…. my gaze nervously shifted in that direction but it was hard to see through my halloween mask. My stomach churned. “Hello? Is anyone there?” I whispered, turning in the direction of the front door. I saw it was slightly ajar… that door was locked when the last of the trick-or-treaters were done and went home. Walking out of the maze of dusty bookshelves, I saw someone in a mask standing by my pumpkin candle that was lit and flickering. Without warning, the masked figure turned and ran out the door. Shrieking, I followed them and ran out into the dark night. With trembling hands, I took my mask off and looked in both directions. It was quiet, no one was in sight. It was the perfect night for a Halloween prank!

The Masked Stranger

Dane Flater

My friends and I were trick o’treating when we came up to a house that was claimed to be haunted. My legs shook as my feet thumped up the driveway towards the door. Without warning, I knocked on the door. We heard a thump. Then it went quiet. I gulped as the door opened by itself with a screech. I slowly backed up, and in a blink of an eye with our legs pounding we bolted down the street. A guy in a mask came dashing out with a knife in hand. We escaped to my house and hid. Suddenly, there was a banging on the door and it opened… it slowly removed it’s mask… and with a gasp … It was just my brother! We all laughed. Happy Halloween.

The Night Before Halloween

Chance Flewelling

I got an eerie feeling when I heard the knife hitting the chopping block. Fearfully, I knew I was in a sketchy neighborhood but I thought it wasn’t this creepy. Nervously, I turned around and I not only saw a big butcher knife but there was an enormous thick one-armed man attached to it! Terrified, I knew I had to fly if I wanted to live but I froze and then I fainted. When I woke up, I found myself lying on a butcher block. I thought this was the end but the big man suddenly collapsed and dropped the knife on the ground. Weakened, I slid off the table. I flopped on the floor to look at him and to make sure he was out. Then I scampered as fast as I could out the door. Luckily, I dodged death. I made my way to the hen house and took my place in my warm, safe, nest, with my other feathered friends. Hopefully I will be just as lucky next holiday season!

Bloody Mary

Kaydence Ignas

They said it would be fine… until it was my turn… Today, I went over to my friend’s house. Everything was normal until one of them said, “Wanna play Bloody Mary?” The two other girls looked at each other and smiled. We giggled as we ran around grabbing a candle, and a mop, just in case we barf from spinning. After we got the supplies, we went into the bathroom… one by one and then… It was my turn. When I entered the bathroom, shivers went down my spine. I gulped. I closed the door. I spun. I chanted her name. When I opened my eyes, there was nothing in the mirror but my reflection. Relieved, I giggled for believing this myth. But when I tried to leave, the door wouldn’t open. I asked one of the girls to get the keys to open the bathroom door. While I waited my brain realized I only saw myself in the mirror. Does that mean.. I’m Bloody Mary? The door clicked open and I walked out but no one was there. Suddenly, I heard screams from behind me. I looked at the bathroom to see the terrified faces of my friends… In the mirror! I ran to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. The door locked right behind. I panicked and then I heard these final words ‘ʏօʊʀ ռɛӼȶ’.

The Cannibal

Jaxton Johnson

It was late at night and I was camping by myself in a tent.

I spotted something in the corner of my eye then noticed that something was outside my tent. It had a horrid shadow, I was hoping it was a nightmare. Terrified, I went outside to see it was a bear with a hole in his body and his stomach was hanging out of his chest. He bit my throat, then I realized… I had died. The next morning the campers found my body, digested hands and all. They thought there was a cannibal in the campground and called the police. The campers were evacuated from the campsite as soon as possible. Not long after that, the police found the bear’s body behind some bushes. Nothing could ever do that to a bear. That’s when they knew something else was out there…

The Vampire

Vivi Lovell

I’m stuck in a tree at the park. I looked down and saw a shadow move.

It made me jump in alarm. I stayed still trying not to let it notice me but instead it saw me. The shadow started to climb up the tree at a speed faster than anything alive, it was heading straight at me.

I squealed in fright which seemed to make it move faster, there was no escape. I heard slurping noises from behind, it sounded like vampires drinking blood from their victims. I had no choice but to jump toward the noise. When I did, I heard my mother and father yell at me to stop but it was too late. That was the last thing I remember before I became a vampire. Now it is my turn to hide in the tree and wait … for my meal.

The House in the Twisted Forest

Cody Mimnagh

It was three days until Halloween and Austin asked his mom if he could go to the Halloween store. He was familiar with everything so he took a shortcut through the forest behind his backyard. He was walking and he had a strange feeling of being watched. The trees were different, the path was more twisty, and at some points he could hear the leaves crackling. He kept walking and stumbled upon a haunted house. He opened the door and walked in the door shut behind him. A ghost greeted him and he asked how to get back home. The ghost said nothing but then gave him a choice. He either stays here for the rest of his life or he gets let go but has a curse on Halloween day. He chose the second option. When the day came it was a decision he regretted… ZOMBIES!

The Black Figure

Kassidey O’Donnell

Someone I knew went missing and that day… It was late at night and I heard dragging noises.I felt like I was going to pass out. In the dark, I could make out a demon-like black figure dragging something across the road. It looked like a duffle bag and there was blood coming out of it. I started shaking.I had to go outside to get a closer look. I grabbed my phone to call 91. I was trembling with fear. I could hear the little voice in my head telling me to go inside. As I got closer, my eyes met his eyes… he looked into my soul and chuckled. I dropped my phone and ran. My worst fear was confirmed tonight… I found him. I can’t believe my dad has still not been caught to this day.

A Creepy Night Home Alone

Kailey O’Hare

I am home alone when suddenly, I hear the door creak open then it shuts and then there are footsteps. I am shaking. White in the face. Whimpering with fear. I open the door but there is no one there! I have butterflies. I don’t hear anything. I don’t see anything. Without warning, I hear thumping along the floorboards again along with the door opening and closing. I race back to the door but no one is there. I scream as my phone starts beeping! I look at the text, which is from my sister, and sigh as it says it was her making the noise before leaving again. Tonight has been the worst evening of my life! I am never going to be left home alone again!


Madeline Plewis

Slowly, I walk towards the strange singing coming from the old, abandoned church. Without warning the door opened revealing a room with cobwebs along the walls and moonlight shining through the cracked windows. Quickly, I turned around and saw her, standing in an open doorway. She had thick, dark hair and big, pitch black eyes that seemed to grow bigger as she sang her eerie little song. My heart raced. I screamed as she took a step towards me, raising a pale white hand to try to grab my hair. Suddenly, I fell to the hard, dusty floor as she stood overtop of me. “Come and join us,” the creepy little girl said. I screamed. I could feel her crawling around in my head, making me forget everything I know until I am a mindless drone like her. The demons have control of me now. There is no turning back.

The Silence

Iyla Shaw

I ran into the forest, I couldn’t let them catch me. I stumbled upon a rusty trailer. I slowly walked into the doorway. It was messy and sweet-smelling. I heard bones cracking and speaking. I turned around and saw a skinny old lady contorting every which way. Her ribs were poking out of her body. I couldn’t speak. It felt like my voice box was ripped out of my throat. She crawled up the wall and turned her head around. She jumped down and attacked me. I found a glass bottle and smashed it against her head. I ran out of the trailer and ran into a man. His bottom jaw was missing. He started contorting… I can’t get away.. I can hear bones cracking… I scream but nothing comes out… everything goes black… it is the end.

The Giggles of Horror

Isla Woods

My footsteps echoed as I went down the street. Howling winds pushed against my face . I heard giggles. I wanted to turn around but my gut said differently. I walked faster and faster until I was running, my legs moving rapidly.

The giggles followed me. I saw a clown.

Our eyes locked. With a gasp of air I grew tired and started to slow down, and the clown grew closer. With startling speed, I went into an alley, and in the alley I tripped and fell to the cold ground. Suddenly I felt a cold hand pull me up. Without warning I was dropped and the clown grasped my neck and dragged me down the alley . Will I make it out alive kept popping up in my mind but it didn’t matter because after that night I knew my new home was in a box under the ground.