Ted Lindgren

1939-45 Star

Italy Star

France and Germany Star

England Service Medal

Voluntary Service Medal and Clasp

Ted enlisted in the Canadian Army on Dec. 3, 1942. He was married on Dec. 24, 1942 to Mary Murray. Basic training was in Prince Albert, Sask., Camp Shilo, Man., and Hamilton, Ont. for a mechanics course. He boarded the Aquatania to England with 5,000 other soldiers. Three months on to Naples, Italy. Heavy fighting and hardships in Italy Rimini, the Gothic Line, Monte Cassino and Ortona until late 1944. In February, 1945 he went up through France, Belgium and into Holland. After the war he helped the Dutch rehabilitate from the war until his number came up to come home. It took 40 days to get home. He shared his food and blankets whenever he could but there were so many starving and dying civilians he couldn’t talk about many things he saw as they were too horrible.

He was awarded medals on March 25, 1946.

Remembrance Day