Award-winning Elvis tribute artist coming to Lacombe Performing Arts Centre

Award-winning Elvis tribute artist coming to Lacombe Performing Arts Centre

Darren Lee will perform two acts featuring 1950s, 1970s Elvis Presley

An award-winning Elvis Presley tribute artist from Edmonton is bringing some hunka, hunka burnin’ love to Lacombe.

On Feb 15, Darren Lee, who received the Queen Diamond Jubilee Award in 2012, will bring his rendition of the King of Rock n’ Roll to the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre (LPAC).

“There will be sets of Elvis tributes: One being a tribute to the 1950s Elvis, which is the early rock n’ roll stuff and then the 1970s which is the jump suit and the bigger songs like My Way and Burnin’ Love,” Lee said.

Each song features a video produced by Lee, who has performed extensively is Las Vegas and Maui, and the show is designed be an interactive experience.

Lee said his fascination with Elvis came after hearing “Hound Dog” for the first time around the age of five. His interest grew form there.

“I was 10 when Elvis died and my mother had his records all over the house,” he said.

Lee went to a Catholic school where one of the nuns there taught him guitar chords.

“I had a pretty good ear for music and I realized the chords she taught me were the same ones on the Elvis record,” he said.

Lee didn’t think his interest in Elvis would ever be a career until he and a friend entered an Elvis contest at an Edmonton venue.

“A friend of mine came third and I came in second; he went on the road and about a year later there was a show called Elvis, Elvis, Elvis. They were looking for a guy to be young Elvis and he recommended me,” he said.

Lee’s career would take off from there, winning the prestigious Best Elvis Tribute Artist in Memphis, Tennessee and the aforementioned Queen Diamond Jubilee Award.

Lee said the icon of Elvis is a timeless expression of rock n’ roll.

“In my opinion he is the best singer of all time. He could sing anything, rock n roll, gospel, rhythm and blues — you name it. He become this giant icon that surpassed him. His icon is bigger than the person was and it keeps going,” he said.

Tickets for the show cost $30 and are available at the Mary C. Moore Public Library. Part of all the ticket sales will go to the Lacombe Food Bank.

Lee hopes guests to the show leave LPAC thinking they saw the best Elvis tribute artist on earth.

“I want them to say I am the best they have ever seen. It is Valentine’s Day and this is the alternative to taking your wife or your girlfriend out for a a crappy dinner or buying her flowers that die. Come see something you both will enjoy,” he said.

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