Cow Patti prepares to present The Foursome

As the season turns to spring, the thoughts of golfers begin to turn to hitting the links once again.

As the season turns to spring, the thoughts of golfers begin to turn to hitting the links once again. And just in time for that, Cow Patti Theatre presents its final show of the season, The Foursome.

Cow Patti Artistic Director AnnaMarie Lea said that the plot of The Foursome might revolve around a game of golf, but will appeal to those who aren’t big fans of the sport as well.

“It’s not a show for golfers per se,” said Lea. “You don’t have to know a thing about golf to enjoy it.”

With this production, Cow Patti welcomes back Director Walter Learning, who has returned after directing Cow Patti’s last production, Perfect Wedding.

Cow Patti also welcomes two new cast members, Wally MacKinnon and Edward Chaplin.

MacKinnon said he had never heard of Lacombe as he is from New Brunswick, before being contacted for a part in The Foursome, but now he is quite glad to be here.

“It’s absolutely wonderful, it’s fantastic,” said MacKinnon. He added he is happy to be working with Cow Patti and the cast of The Foursome. “It’s a great group of guys to be working with.”

Chaplin said that he has known both Learning and Lea for years and actually acted with Cow Patti before its current incarnation in Lacombe. He said he doesn’t care much for the game of golf, but finds his character in The Foursome a good fit because of it.

“For me, I hate golf. And so does my character,” said Chaplin. “So it’s a joy to play him.

The Foursome, by Norm Foster, is the story of four college friends who get together at their 25th reunion for a game of golf, some beers and to catch up.

Each one of them has more on his mind than the game at hand and the secrets of each of the players become revealed as the duffers swing their way through 18 holes.

Donnie, played by Chaplin is a terrible golfer who would likely rather be with his family than on the course. Ted, played by MacKinnon is not happy to be up so early, but likes his beer and wakes up after a few. Rick, played by Bruce Tubbe is a hustler selling boats in Florida, who enjoys living life. Cameron, played by Brian Young is a TV ad salesman who panics that his once-close group of friends is no longer quite so tight.

Learning said the play is a beautifully written farce. He added that most of the comedy is situational but Foster uses creative language and silence, which can speak louder than words, for some laughs as well.

All of the comedy and action of the play is enhanced by the fact that it is being performed in the clubhouse of a golf course.

“There is a theatricality in the irony of that,” said Chaplin. Learning added it is frustrating for some of the cast to be working on this project while it is too early to golf.

Lea said that connection between the play and the venue is actually one of the reasons she chose it.

“I wanted to complement the Lacombe Golf and Country Club.”

The Foursome open on March 27 and runs until April 13 at the Lacombe Golf and Country Club.

For tickets and additional information, visit or call 403-782-2294 or 403-782-3956.