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Cow Patti Theatre will dim lights for second time this season

Taking a “modest hiatus” to ensure the success of the remainder their season
For the second time this season, Lacombe’s Cow Patti Theatre is dimming the lights for a brief hiatus. (Contributed photo)

Cow Patti Theatre will be dimming the lights for what they are deeming, a “modest hiatus” to ensure the success of the remainder their season.

Anna Marie Lea, Artistic Producing Director with Cow Patti Theatre says that due to the Omicron variant and the need to ensure the sustainability of Cow Patti and future successes, the theatre company has decided to cancel their production of Norm Foster’s, On a First Name Basis.

“This will give our season an additional month pause to allow for controlling this new variant and ensuring confidence in bringing the lights back up on our 25th season,” said Lea. “Twice now we have had to cancel shows mid-way through the run of our productions during this pandemic and realistically we can’t risk another closure. The financial strain would be intolerable.”

She said the the company has been staying proactive and putting all our energy and talent into their March productions of Norm Foster’s comedy, Jonas and Barry in the Home and our April production of Sweet Dreams, the Music of Patsy Cline.

“On a positive note, we have stubbornly moved forward and worked very hard to bring our audience a sucessful and safe 30-show run of our production of Kristen DaSilva’s, Sugar Road this past Noverember (and) December 2021.”

“As I reflect on the activity, both on and off the stage during Sugar Road, I am grateful for the joy and laughter we brought our audiences and cast and crew. I have full confidence that this is a small “turd” in the road and that we will be able to bring the lights back up and continue on with our 25th season in March,” said Lea.