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Cow Patti wraps up challenging 25th season on stage

The pasture gates have closed on the 25th season at Cow Patti Theatre in Lacombe.

The pasture gates have closed on the 25th season at Cow Patti Theatre in Lacombe.

“In our 25th season, patience was definitely a virtue,” said AnnaMarie Lea, producing director.

“We planted the crops for four shows but we had some drought, a bit of hail and though one show was completely lost, we managed to harvest the other three shows.”

Like many groups and organizations, Cow Patti Theatre was left to navigate COVID restrictions and had a disruption to some of their productions.

“The patience that our audiences had to have in the many moments when shows and dates got changed or cancelled was appreciated.”

They also had to adapt to and navigate their new official home at the Tin Roof Event Centre after calling the Lacombe Golf and Country Club home for the past few years.

“The audience, crew, and designer often flew by the seat of their pants but it eventually all worked out.”

She said that being able to produce and entertain again has made the challenges of the last seven months worth it.

“Watching the intermingling of our patrons with their friends and families for the enjoyment of laughter, intriguing stories and music were worth the setbacks.”

During the 2021/2022 season, they also booked 12 benefit performances and over $30,000 was raised for the community including Rocky Seniors Centre, The Bentley Library, Lacombe Arts Endowment Fund, Team Jigger, the Lending Cupboard, and efforts in Ukraine.

The 2022/2023 season will be announced in July.