Culture & Harvest Festival returns to Lacombe

It’s time once again for the Culture & Harvest Festival.

It’s time once again for the Culture & Harvest Festival.

The Culture & Harvest Festival is a celebration of Lacombe’s agricultural heritage while also showcasing arts and culture within the City, said organizer Marie Péron. She added it is Lacombe’s way of celebrating Alberta Culture Days and this is the second year the festival is being held. The event will run Sept. 26-29.

Up until last year, Lacombe celebrated Alberta Culture Days with smaller events that did not fit together as a festival. Following a strategic plan from the City, Lacombe Tourism is now trying to expand these festivals. Péron said that last year’s Culture & Harvest Festival set the bar for festivals to come.

“I think it was very successful. We didn’t know what to expect when we started so it was, to be quite frank, a shot in the dark.”

Ellen Corea, another of the festival’s organizers, added that expanding Lacombe’s Alberta Culture Days celebration was a good idea as Lacombe had not had a fall festival for some time.

Péron said that adding an agricultural side to the celebration keeps the festival true to Lacombe’s background as well.

“I think it’s being true to our roots, doing things that reflect what Lacombe is,” said Péron. Corea agreed, saying Lacombe’s agricultural heritage and culture seem to go hand in hand.

“It’s kind of a natural partnership,” said Corea.

She added there are a number of events taking place throughout the festival that will appeal to an assortment of interests.

“There is quite a wide variety both on the ag side as well as the culture side.”

She added that most of the cultural programs that ran last year will be happening again with some additions.

Some events that will highlight Lacombe Culture & Harvest Festival include favourites that pre-date the festival itself, like Lacombe’s Got Talent. There will also be a free community concert followed by fireworks on Saturday night.

One new event Corea mentioned is an art walk where businesses will display the works of local artists in their windows. Corea added the art walk will continue a few weeks after the festival as well to give people plenty of time to see the art.

On the agricultural side, some highlights include the Kraay Family Farm’s County Fair on Friday, a ranch rodeo Friday evening and the blacksmithing and horseshoeing demonstration on Saturday. Corea added that the rodeo is a new event that fits well into the festival because, like the festival, a fall rodeo is something Lacombe hasn’t had in a long time.

There are a number of other, just for fun events spread throughout town as well, including the carnival midway at Alberta Downs throughout the weekend. Péron said there shouldn’t be a problem for anyone to find activities they will enjoy.

“I think there is something for everybody but that’s one of the lines that is over-used so I hate to say that,” said Péron.

Events will take place all over Lacombe and into Lacombe County as well. Alberta Downs, Lacombe Memorial Centre, Lacombe Ag Ground, Michener Park and Kraay Family Farms are just a few of the locations of the many events of Lacombe Culture & Harvest Festival.

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