Current art exhibits explore ‘the beauty of women’

The Gallery on Main has brought in Kathy Meaney’s ‘Ladies of the Lake’ and ‘Canadi-ANNAs’ to the City for all to enjoy until Aug. 1st.

The Gallery on Main has brought in Kathy Meaney’s ‘Ladies of the Lake’ and ‘Canadi-ANNAs’ to the City for all to enjoy until Aug. 1st.

The beauty of women, their relationships and the meaningful conversations spoken with body language inspires Meaney’s art.

“I want people first to identify with the ladies, and then realize how beautiful we are despite our aging bodies. We have joy in each other and I want people to realize how precious our time together is,” said Meaney. “It’s important to women, and equally to men. When men look at it, they see their mothers, aunts, sisters, their wives, so it excites men, too, despite the photos being about women. It’s about getting people to identify to themselves through my work.”

Meaney is a visual artist who describes herself as someone who was creative all of her life. She experimented with many mediums including pottery, wood and other materials until she was inspired in 2005 to begin to paint the Ladies of the Lake.

She describes the women as being influenced by the close relationship of her and her sister, among the other influential women in her life. Meaney comes from a close family where memories are valued, and this was her way of capturing those memories and sharing the experiences with her viewers.

“I am big in genealogy and memories to me are very important to hold on to and carry forward to your children and grandchildren. I remember listening to my grandfather – seniors have so much information to pass down and it can be lost. Memories are a huge part of and are integral in art. That’s how it all started, just playing,” she said.

Meaney describes herself as a close observer of body language. The women in her photos are faceless and at first, Meaney sought to change this but it grew on her. The meaning of her paintings changed to incorporate her viewers as they filled in the faces with those of the women in their lives.

She also says she prefers to paint voluptuous women because she sees the beauty in all women. In her artist bio online, she stated, “Women need to accept who they are as they are and often, I am thanked just for that.”

“I picked up the brush and just started painting and I always liked the human form, particularly women. I always used to draw women. Body language to me says so much. I get excited when I paint because I had this wonderful idea, and I get to create that idea,” said Meaney.

“It’s the experimentation of giving a mood and a feeling to the viewer that excites me. Also, the response is thrilling and humbling and I thank God every day for being able to touch people. That excites me even more than the actual painting – giving something to people. That’s what I absolutely love.”

Meaney’s work will be available to be seen by the public Tuesdays through to Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. at The Gallery on Main.