Ryon Holmedal brings Tethers to the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre

Ryon Holmedal brings Tethers to the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre

Tethers is multidisciplinary musical experience

Lacombe artist Ryon Holmedal is interactive audio-visual, musical experience to the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre (LPAC).

On Feb. 29, Holmedal will bring Tethers to the centre, which is a musical storytelling show Holmedal has developed for over three years.

“It is really a story of humanity told through culture and music, with visuals and narrations,” he said. “Through the storyline, you follow the narrations of a character finding his way through life.

“He is wrestling and grappling with ideas, experiences and observations that are common to us all like love, friendship, desire, failure and triumph.”

These themes are explored through Holmedal’s music and is bought together through visuals, lighting and backgrounds which bring the story to live.

“I started performing it and got it to a place I liked about three and half years ago,” he said. “It has been a process of development ever since and the show that we performed 3.5 years ago is very different than the one we will be performing on the 29th.

“It has grown, evolved and taken on more texture.”

Being able to bring Tethers to LPAC and the community of Lacombe is important to Holmedal and his band.

“It is really a human, cultural dialogue. The storyline comes from conversations people would have in living rooms with their friends,” he said.”It is quite an intimate telling of a human story that is meant to invite people into their own stories.

“Doing that in your hometown is exciting and we want to share it with our community. We are really looking forward to it.”

Holmedal hopes Tethers is able to move the audience towards dialogue.

“I hope that hope is something that come out of the show. I hope people leave with a sense of connectiveness and hopefulness,” he said.

Holmedal has an exclusive new album that will only currently be available at the show on Feb. 29.

“Instead of releasing a full album to the digital distribution services, we are making it available at the live show. If people want to hear some of the music they heard that night, they can purchase it there,” he said.

The show will be at LPAC on Feb. 29, 2020. Dessert and cocktails will be served starting at 7 p.m., with the show beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased at www.tickets.blackknightinn.ca or at Mary C. Moore Public Library at the Lacombe Rexall location.

More information can be found at ryonholmedal.com

“It is a fun event and an opportunity to take in a show that is unique. It is multidisciplinary with visual arts, performing arts and central to it all is the music,” Holmedal said.


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