FAIR PLAY - Ted (Wally McKinnon)

FAIR PLAY - Ted (Wally McKinnon)

The Foursome full of funnies for all

Just prior to the Lacombe Golf and Country Club opening up for the season, Cow Patti Theatre presents The Foursome

Cow Patti Theatre has done it again.

Just prior to the Lacombe Golf and Country Club opening up for the season, Cow Patti Theatre presents The Foursome, a play whose plot revolves around a golf game between four friends.

While the action in The Foursome takes place on the tee boxes of a course as the pals hack their way through 18 holes, you don’t need to play, enjoy, or even know anything about golf to find the play funny.

The Foursome tells the story of four men who get together for a round of golf the morning after their 25-year college reunion.

Once tight friends, their bond has weakened in the years since they left college. But, the friends attempt to pick up where they left off and rekindle their relationships with each other over the course of the game.

Bruce Tubb is Rick, a sly, scheming fellow who is eager to show off his skill on the links, gained from playing golf year-round at his home in Florida and he often hints at how successful his career as a boat salesman has made him.

The only single fellow of the bunch, Rick enjoys bragging about his sexual exploits and the women he has dated. He is also the first to suggest making a ‘friendly bet’ on the outcome of the game and spends much of the game boasting about his skill.

Wally McKinnon is Ted, who is not a morning person. Ted struggles, particularly in the first part of the game to stay awake, not to mention play a decent game of golf.

As such, he is a bit of a downer and spends much of the game being teased by his friends but is able to give just as well as he gets to defend himself from his friends’ quips.

Brian Young is Cameron, who, to put it simply, is a worrywart. He worries it will rain, he worries he will get sunburn, he worries drinking on the course will lose him his membership and when his friends point it out to him, he begins to worry that he worries too much.

“Worry can lead to stress, which can lead to high blood pressure and then a heart attack.”

Most of all though, Cameron worries he and his friends are drifting apart. He spends a good deal of the performance trying to find ways to tighten the loosening ties between the four.

Edward Chaplin is Donnie, a family man if there ever was one. Very proud of his family and their accomplishments Donnie talks non-stop about them. In fact, as the party approaches each tee throughout the play, Donnie enters the scene mid-way through a story about his wife or one of his five children.

He has also never played golf before and isn’t very good at it. So much so that he has to curse after each drive he makes.

The most good-natured of the four, Donnie takes on the responsibility of keeping the group positive. He does his best to turn things around when things get tense and the friendly bet on the game isn’t quite so friendly anymore.

Possibly the most humorous of Cow Patti’s productions this season, The Foursome is an intelligently written comedy that isn’t quite as silly as Cow Patti’s previous productions this season. Instead of wordplays or kooky chases on stage, the comedy is situational and actually stems from some meaningful discussions the four friends have while on the course.

There is also some substance underneath the comedy of the show as well. Many deep matters are discussed by the four as the wait for the slow party ahead of them and uncover a number of secrets from each of their friends. In fact the issues faced by the group are ones most members of the audience will relate to.

Some of the conversations had by the party are quite serious and serve to draw the audience in to learning more about the characters.

However, the whole show, even the serious bits, is peppered with enough jokes and gags to keep the audience laughing all the time.

The Foursome plays until April 13 at the Lacombe Golf and Country Club. For more information visit www.cowpatti.com or call 403-782-2294 or 403-782-3956.