ZAP! returns with classic tale

It seems there is nothing that can’t be made better with a few gags and some fantastic singing.

CAPTURED - Custard

CAPTURED - Custard

It seems there is nothing that can’t be made better with a few gags and some fantastic singing.

Evidently by ZAP!’s latest production, The 3½ Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas’ timeless work The Three Musketeers, is no exception. Once again, it is obvious that the cast and crew of ZAP! Theatre has taken great care in creating this production. All of the sets are expertly crafted and costumes are very well put together.

ZAP!’s production of The 3½ Musketeers even features live steel swordplay on-stage. This addition to the show makes it even more exciting and keeps the audience interested. Still, the highlight of this year’s production is, as usual, the singing.

As if the acting, set design and costumes and battle choreography weren’t enough, the cast of the The 3½ Musketeers has also put a ton of hard work into performing some fantastic numbers.

The story of The 3½ Musketeers begins with the play’s hero, the ambitious but inexperienced Darth Canyon (Daniel P. Allers) setting out from his farm in the province of Gascony, France for Paris to become a King’s Musketeer.

On the way, he meets the Three Musketeers; Pothole, (Jonathen Allers) Applesauce (Luke Wagner) and Armistice (Ben Butcher) – and challenges them to a duel.

Unfortunately for the foursome, dueling is illegal and the enforcer Soupcon (Shaina Roesler) happens upon the fight; he and his men attempt to arrest the musketeers. But, with the help of their new friend Canyon, the musketeers fight off their attackers and befriend the newcomer, pledging to help him become a King’s Musketeer like them.

While Canyon only wishes to become a Musketeer, greater things are afoot.

When the Queen (Nikki van der Molen) misguidedly gives a famous diamond necklace to Lord Buckingham aka Buck of England (Masan Caldwell), the three and a half Musketeers are charged with getting it back before its disappearance can be exploited by the evil first minister of France, Richelieu (Nathaniel Johnson) and his top agent, the seductive Countess de Whimper (Meganne Jeglum) to seize control of the throne from the oafish King Louis (Matt Jarvis) who is more interested in the costume he will wear to the fancy dress ball than running the country.

To get back the necklace and save France, Canyon and the Musketeers hatch a plan that involves deception, disguises and, oddly, getting locked in La Bastille.

Combine that with some great gags, onstage swordfights, singing and it is clear that ZAP! Theatre has hit another home run. ZAP! Theatre’s production of The 3½ Musketeers runs on May 9-10, 16-17 at Asker Lutheran Church. Friday night performances start at 7 p.m. Saturday matinee performances begin at 1:30 p.m.

Admission is by free will offering with all proceeds to go to the Christian Life Orphanage in Mwanza, Tanzania. For more information, contact Daniel Allers at 403-348-1891.