Zombie apocalypse to take over Blackfalds

The zombie apocalypse is coming to Blackfalds. In a manner of speaking anyway.

The zombie apocalypse is coming to Blackfalds. In a manner of speaking anyway.

On June 15th and 16th, during Blackfalds Days, Blackfalds Octagon Optimists Youth Club will be hosting a game of ‘Human versus Zombies’.

Amanada McCrimmon, event organizer, said that she got the idea from Red Deer College. She said the game works kind of like a game of tag.

To start, there is only one ‘zombie’ and everyone else is on the human team. The zombie must then infect humans by tagging them, who after an ‘incubation period’ become zombies themselves. The game lasts until the humans survive to the end of a set time period, or the zombies infect every last human.

Humans are able to defend themselves by hitting zombies with socks or shooting them with ‘blasters’ (Nerf-style dart guns). They can also take shelter from zombies in safe zones and can gain rewards by completing challenges.

However, if the human team fails to complete a challenge, the zombies gain a reward instead.

Challenges, McCrimmon said will be texted or emailed to participants at random times during the game. She said the objectives of the challenges are still being worked out and “Are supposed to be under lock and key,” but she did say that some might include a scavenger hunt or a king-of-the-castle type mini-game. McCrimmon also said an example of a reward might be an extended safe zone or zombie cure.

She added the games are organized by www.hvzsports.com who are aiding in the organization of the game and created the ‘Humans versus Zombies’ game.

According to McCrimmon, post-secondary institutions the world over have participated in these games, but she believes this may be the first time it has been attempted by a youth group.

Having participated in these games during her time at RDC, she said the game is good for fun, bonding and even a great workout.

“You are trying to run for your life. You are constantly running.”

The game will begin right after the parade on June 15th and go until 10 p.m. It will then recommence on June 16 at 9 a.m. and continue until 5 p.m. or until one side is declared the winner.

Participants have until June 1st to register for the game.

McCrimmon said at least 25 players are necessary for the game to go ahead. About 16 players have already signed up already. All participants are also required to partake in a safety meeting on June 14th before the game begins.

For those interested in participating, there are registration forms at the Blackfalds Town Hall. Completed forms can be dropped off there as well.