The Apollo Health Centre, Blackfalds’ second health clinic

The Apollo Health Centre, Blackfalds’ second health clinic

Blackfalds’ second health clinic open this week

Blackfalds opens second health clinic

The Town of Blackfalds has a second health clinic.

The Apollo Health Centre, located in the Aspen Aurora Centre on the north end of Broadway Avenue, opened on Sept. 7.

Blackfalds residents have had limited options to find a local family practice, forcing many facilities to seek health care outside of town, the Town of Blackfalds said in a release last week.

Members of council, administration and members of the community formed the Blackfalds Health Practitioners Attraction and Retention Committee (BHPARC) in 2020 and took various steps to attract health organizations and practitioners by promoting Blackfalds as the ideal location to set up a practice.

Dr. Muti Kauchali, the clinic’s founder said that the medical care provided will be ‘full spectrum,’ ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics but they are still waiting for full-time doctors to join.

Blackfalds town councillor Rebecca Stendie, member of BHPARC, has been advocating for this cause since her tenure on council.

“Being able to access healthcare services in your home community in a timely fashion is something every community strives to be able to provide, and this new clinic/pharmacy is a welcome addition for Blackfalds,” she said. “I’m thrilled to have been a part of the team that is the BHPARC. It always amazes me how well our community pulls together to get things done when they see a need, and this was definitely a need.”

New patients can pick up and drop off registration forms at the clinic, which will be followed up by a phone meet and greet. Patients 60 years of age and older may meet in person starting this week – the clinic will then open up for patients of all ages.