(Photo courtesy the City of Lacombe/www.lacombe.ca)

Lacombe City Council presented with 2022 Capital Budget

Includes 33 projects - anticipated cost of $10.77 million

Lacombe City Council has recieved a draft of the 2022 Capital Budget, which includes 33 projects at the anticipated cost of $10.77 million.

If approved, the Budget funding sources include,$7.82 million from grant funding, $2.62 million from reserve fund withdrawals, and $330,000 from other sources.

The proposed funding will be distributed amongst four divisions, including $65,000 towards the Lacombe Police Service, $390,000 towards Corporate Services, $8.29 million towards Operations and Planning Services, and $2.03 million towards Community Services.

These projects’ total operational impacts are equal to $253,900, reflected in the 2022 Operating Budget.

Council will deliberate the proposed 2022 Capital Budget and any proposed ammendments at a future Lacombe City Council meeting. Date to be announced later.