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Lacombe County approves 2024 tax rates


Lacombe County has approved the tax rates for the year 2024, as outlined in the tax rate bylaw.

This comes after the completion of the property assessments for 2024 and the release of the year’s provincial requisitions.

“Approving the 2024 tax rates without increasing the burden on our residential taxpayers — especially with inflation being a concern for so many people – reflects our commitment to responsible governance and community support,” said Barb Shepherd, Lacombe County reeve.

“This approach ensures that we continue to provide essential services while fostering an environment conducive to growth and stability in Lacombe County.”

While residential municipal property tax rates will see no increase, farmland, and non-residential municipal tax rates will see an increase of one percent.

The municipal tax levy for 2024 is set at $36,117,420.

“The 2024 budget adjustments and the resulting tax levy are designed to strategically support significant county initiatives, including public safety, infrastructure development and maintenance, and support for our neighbouring communities,” said Tim Timmons, county manager.

“We are committed to enhancing our community’s well-being while carefully managing the financial contributions required from our residents and businesses.”