Lacombe County candidate: Kenneth Weenink

Division 5

Kenneth Weenink - Lacombe County Division 5

Kenneth Weenink - Lacombe County Division 5

Kenneth Weenink

Running For: Lacombe Country Division 5 Councillor

Why do you want to serve on county council?

I would first like to thank our retiring councillor, Ken Wigmore, for his commitment, dedication and exceptional representation of our division. If elected, I will represent Division 5 taxpayers to the best of my ability. My understanding and foundation of grassroots policy will be an asset and I will communicate taxpayers needs to the council.

What do you feel you can bring to council?

Honesty, integrity, innovative ideas, motivation, financial responsibility.

What is your vision for the community/what are your priorities if you are elected?

After door knocking, District 5 residents voiced many areas of concern. Rural crime remains a top priority, protection of the farming industry and traffic safety. These are just a few of the concerns expressed which are all very valuable and that I would like to see discussion on.

What is your professional experience and how do you feel it will lend itself to municipal government?

Not only was I born and raised in my division, but I have also raised my own family here. I am married with three children and one new grandson. After attending Olds College, I returned back to the area and owned a custom farming business for over 30 years. Shortly thereafter, I was involved in the construction business of fabric covered buildings, also helped with the specs on the salt storage building for the County. I was also on the committee for Road Use Agreement in the Lacombe County. In the past few years I have assisted several companies with business plans in different fields including green energy, water purification, manure processing, plastic reduction, garbage use, farm safety program and exporting agricultural products.

My past volunteer experience includes Bentley Minor Hockey Board and more recently, President for political boards, policy board and fundraising.

Overall, my professional experience and vast array of knowledge will be an asset in the county.

Thank you to the Taxpayers of District 5 for your comments while I was door knocking!

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