Denise Sumner

Denise Sumner

Lacombe County Division 5 candidate: Denise Sumner

Desnise Sumner

Running For: Lacombe County Division 5 Councillor

Why do you want to serve on county council?

I have always consider public service as a privilege as well a duty. My dad was a Special Areas Councilor from Consort and he inspired me to take pride in my community and to support it in any way possible. I sat as the president of the Lacombe Historical Society for 13 years and I am presently the Chair of The Economic Development Board in Blackfalds, as well as sitting on various committees and boards in the Town of Blackfalds. With this opportunity to run for County Council I felt this would gives me the chance to work in the county where I live. I fell this county has such great potential for the future. I want to be there to help the county move forward in a way that is acceptable to the residents in the county as well as providing good economic benefits to the county.

What do you feel you can bring to council?

I have always prided myself on being open minded and willing to listen to all ideas, I have had years of experience dealing with both large and small business and maintaining a good working relationship with them. I feel I bring a good understanding of both the farming community as well as the business world. These experiences and my desire to do the very best I can for my constituents will help me be a productive and engaged councilor

What is your vision for the community/what are your priorities if you are elected?

My vision for this county is one where the environment concerns, protecting farm land and economic development go hand in hand. I realize the importance of protecting farm land I grow up in a area where land protecting is paramount and cultivation regulations are very strict. We presently have a variety of different agricultural businesses in the county, I believe the County Admin should be looking at other opportunities to bring business to our county. With proper management and good communication between all concerned parties development in the county can be done without damaging our environment or the loss of farm land.

What if your professional experience and how do you feel it will lend itself to municipal government?

I retired from Canada Post after 34 years years as a Retail Superintendent, I managing 36 rural and urban Post Offices. I am well versed in dealing with government agencies and bureaucrats. During the past 11 years I have volunteered on the Economic Development Board in Blackfalds, I have been able to take and be certified in nine different course dealing with economic development. During my years with Canada Post I took a large number of courses in Health and Safety, Customer Service, Change Management and various other courses dealing with the management of the offices. I feel with my work experience dealing with people and managing offices as well as the knowledge I have gained over the years volunteering on boards will help me to become a productive councilor.

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