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Lacombe County launches business and expansion survey

Lacombe County staff are launching the Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Survey.

“We are calling upon the business community to complete a five to 10-minute BRE survey to plan for future economic development activities focused on the top priorities of local businesses. Your input is invaluable in helping the county understand the current business climate, identify challenges, and explore opportunities for growth within our community,” noted a release.

The BRE survey provides the county with essential insights into:

• Business needs and challenges: understanding the specific needs and challenges businesses face in the community allows the county to tailor support programs and resources more effectively.

• Growth opportunities: identifying growth opportunities helps the county align our economic development efforts with the evolving needs of local businesses, fostering innovation and sustainable development.

• Policy development: results inform policy decisions to create a conducive business environment, promote entrepreneurship, and attract investment.

“Launching our Business Retention and Expansion Survey marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards sustainable growth. We’re not just asking for your input—we’re counting on it,” said Kerrie Taylor, economic development officer for Lacombe County.

“Your perspective matters and your participation in the Business Retention and Expansion Survey is crucial in shaping the roadmap for our community’s economic future. Let’s work together to build a strong, sustainable, resilient economic landscape in Lacombe County.”

A third-party vendor, Schollie Research & Consulting, will manage the survey and conduct the analysis.

The survey runs until May 24.

“All county businesses are encouraged to participate in the survey and contribute to shaping the economic future of our community.”

For more on the survey, visit the county’s website.