Jazmyn Moses (Submitted photo)

Jazmyn Moses (Submitted photo)

New CEO at Rainbow Connect

Jazmyn Moses strives to take the national 2SLGBTQ+ business directory to new heights

New Sylvan Laker, Jazmyn Moses, who has taken over the position of CEO for the national 2SLGBTQ+ business directory, Rainbow Connect, aims to eliminate discrimination, hate, and seclusion from the daily lives of all people.

“I think that Rainbow Connect can help end the stigmas around homophobia and trans-phobia and help the 2SLGBTQ+ community by not only getting several businesses and organizations listed, but by also providing these places with tools and resources to ensure their inclusion, and to show other businesses that it is safe for them to step up and show their support for the community,” said Moses.

“We celebrate diversity and strive to create a space where everyone can feel a sense of inclusion. And I would just encourage every business and organization out there to be doing the same.

“Especially right now, during COVID, it’s so important that we come together, and are understanding and welcoming of everybody, instead of furthering the divide between what’s happening now,” said Moses.

Raised in Calgary, Moses has lived in and around central Alberta for the last decade. She found her new home in Sylvan Lake and joined the community about a month ago. Moses shared her recent enrolment in an entrepreneurship course to help take Rainbow Connect to the levels that she hopes for it to achieve.

Former Red Deer resident and current Calgarian, Scott Cameron, who launched RainbowConnect.ca about a year ago, would continue to back company operations as Moses takes the lead.

Finding major inspiration from her kids, Moses said that she wants to show them the importance of being, and bringing love and light into the world.

“I’ve always had the passion to help and support the people in my life, and I feel like with Rainbow Connect, I am expanding my circle. I grew up not feeling like I fit in a lot, and so, I know what it feels like to be treated like an outsider, and I want to help create a community and a culture that is welcoming and inclusive for everybody,” said Moses.

“At first, I was a little bit afraid because it felt like a very big role to set into. But, I’ve been working with Rainbow Connect since December of 2020, as their Communications Director, and I’ve been seeing it grow and I’ve fallen in love with it, and the great things that we are trying to do with it. It has renewed my love and my passion for Rainbowconnect.ca.”

Moses said that she will continue to strive for the growth and momentum of getting as many Canadian businesses listed as possible, to show just how welcoming and inclusive Canada can be. She shared that their latest undertaking for this venture is the development and introduction of a mobile app to improve usability.