Online amalgamation consultation for Alberta wheat and barley farmers

Encourages farmers to provide input on amalgamating the two organizations

Area farmers are being asked to weigh in on the merger of two agriculture commissions.

Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) and Alberta Barley are soliciting farmers’ opinions on the potential merger of the two commissions into one formal entity.

The commissions are holding two online town hall sessions at the end of October to further the consultation and dialogue with farmers on amalgamation.

Currently, the commissions are operating with one management team serving two boards and have been since 2018.

The consultation stems from resolutions passed at the 2019 annual general meetings for both the Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley, which challenged the commissions to complete a comprehensive review and consult with farmers on the potential to formally merge.

Over the summer the commissions conducted an online survey as another forum for farmers to provide input on amalgamation.

Online town halls will be on October 21 or October 26 and registration can be done online at albertawheatbarley.com.