A $17 million modernization of Father Lacombe School is currently it’s design phase. (Photo courtesy: Father Lacombe)

A $17 million modernization of Father Lacombe School is currently it’s design phase. (Photo courtesy: Father Lacombe)

$17 million Father Lacombe rebuild on track for completion in summer 2024

$1.6 million recently added to rebuild gym along with school

STAR Catholic Schools Superintendent Charlie Bouchard gave an update on the $17 million modernization of Father Lacombe School, saying the design phase of the project is on track to be completed mid-September.

Following that, the project will go to tender in November — with construction beginning in early 2020, with an estimated final completion date of Summer 2024.

The project is now being dubbed a full rebuild, after further analysis revealed an additional $1.6 million would be required to build a new gymnasium after it was revealed that rebuilding part of the building would pose a risk of collapse.

Bouchard said the rebuild will help provide more opportunities than the current aged and deficient facility currently does.

“It is very exciting and it will be great for the students and families of Lacombe for generations to come. It will also be good for the community as well for things like after-hours rental and other uses,” he said.

The new Father Lacombe School will have foods and CTS spaces, along with modernized music facilities.

“These are rooms we currently don’t have space for in the current building. It will be modern and allow for up-to-date programs, which right now we are kind of piecing together,” he said.

Construction will be completed in three phases, with students moving throughout the facility during the process.

“Our students will be on-site and there will be phases that will mean moving kids around to places where construction is not currently underway. We are hoping to be completely in the building by the summer of 2023. The whole project will be completely finishing in summer 2024,” he said.

Bouchard said the school community in Lacombe is excited for the new facility.

“The current limitations are a little problematic to day-to-day operations. People know it will be a little painful as we go through construction but everyone knows in the long-term it will be great for the school and community,” he said.


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