Annual ‘Hidden Treasures Garden Tour’ set for July 18th

Annual ‘Hidden Treasures Garden Tour’ set for July 18th

The tour is a great way to see the uniqueness in the community, organizers say

By Emily Rogers

Lacombe Express

The Lacombe & District Garden Club is excited for the annual Hidden Treasures Garden Tour on July 18th.

The yards presented on the tour will have something to offer for everyone, from heritage plants, historic artifacts, a variety of ponds and waterfalls, established and unique trees, memorial spaces, views of Gull Lake, and a Canada 150 theme to celebrate the nation, officials said.

“People go for a variety of reasons, people go to enjoy the scenery, the nature, and beauty, while some people are looking for ideas, inspiration and to learn,” said Lacombe & District Garden Club committee member Edie Beach.

To celebrate Canada 150, each of the yards on the tour has been selected not only for the beauty, but also for the historical connections.

That could include whether it’s an original homestead, a collection of heritage species, or an incorporation of local family history, officials added. “These yards each have their own unique elements that highlight the rich history in the Lacombe region.”

The self-guided tour will take participants through six yards from Lacombe to Gull Lake, with two bonus stops at a lily farm and a greenhouse where individuals can purchase lily bulbs and vegetables along the way. A map and suggested route are inside the ticket booklet provided, although people are free to visit any of the yards in whichever order they wish.

The homeowners will also be present throughout the day’s tour, along with a member of the Lacombe & District Garden Club from 1 to 9 p.m.

Beach said the club had experienced challenges with the tour from previous years, and has made changes to cater to the tour participants’ wants.

For instance, individuals used to take a bus to the yards in Lacombe and the surrounding areas.

However, the cost involved with taking a bus became too much; now the self-guided tour works more efficiently, said Beach.

“This way people can go at their own leisure. Some people want to look at the gardens in depth while others just want a quick glance,” Beach added. “People can choose where they want to go and make a full day of it.”

Beach said the tour has been well received by the public as the club members see people come not only from Lacombe, but also from as far as Rocky Mountain House to attend the tour.

The Hidden Treasures Garden Tour is a great way to see the uniqueness that is in the community, the ideas presented, and how people create. Beach noted that people who don’t have yards also attend the tour in order to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

“The community’s love for beauty and nature really shows through from this tour,” Beach added. She is looking forward to all of the yards on the tour, as she enjoys seeing the beauty and creativity.

Some yards have been showcased in previous years, however they are constantly changing and growing, officials added.

The funds earned from the Hidden Treasures Garden Tour are given annually to a graduating student from Lacombe going into a program related to agriculture or horticulture through the Lacombe & District Garden Club Bursary.

Tickets can be purchased at Hanna’s Seeds, Patio Gardens, the Market on Twelve and Wolf’s Botanical for $20 each.