Bagel burgers for new beginnings

Torie Goings helped deliver $874 to the Dragonfly Children’s Healing Centre on June 3.

She served as guest chef at the Lacombe Cilantro and Chive location for the month of May. Diners were able to treat their taste buds to the Bagel Burger. $2 from every burger sold went towards Goings charity of choice, the Dragonfly Children’s Healing Centre.

The centre provides a spectrum of services to children and youth from Red Deer and Central Alberta who are experiencing trauma from domestic violence, homelessness, and suicide. Using a collaborative approach, their goal is to give kids who have experienced potentially traumatizing events or patterns of events the opportunity to heal and develop healthy skills and behaviours.

“Dragonflies represent hope, change and new beginnings and the healing centre gives children hope and a chance to heal, providing them with the opportunity to grow into happy and healthy adults. The positive ripple effect that is created in our communities by supporting our little ones and teaching them the coping skills to deal with trauma is really incredible,” said Goings.