Bentley Market 50/50 draw raising money for Bentley Care Centre iPads

Bentley Market 50/50 draw raising money for Bentley Care Centre iPads

$500 to the winner, $500 to connecting residents to their friends and families

The Bentley Market is looking to help residents at the Bentley Care Centre connect with their loved ones.

“We are running the 50/50 draw to raise funds to buy iPads for the Bentley Care Centre. They don’t own an iPad of their own for their seniors to keep in contact during COVID-19, or just in general to Skype of Facetime with family,” Wendy Buyar, market manager, said.

Buyar said one the markets board members is a nurse at the facility and said this will be really important to residents.

“This is really close to our family and for us to be able to do this is important. It is in our community and is a really great way for us to give back. That is what the Bentley Market is about,” she said.

“We are about supporting businesses and the community. When we see opportunities where we can help, we love to do and we were excited when this came across our desk.”

The markets license through AGLC allows them to host draws of $1,000 — with $500 going to winner and $500 going towards the charity. The market will be hosting multiple draws until their final market on Sept. 5.

“The Bentley Care Centre has asked for two iPads, so that is our goal along with also buying some really good quality cases so they are safe. We are also buying Apple Care, so that if something happens — they are covered,” Buyar said.

She added they are also looking at other potential fundraising opportunities.

“We anticipate this goal will be done within the next month. We sold our first license out in the first two weeks and we have already sold halfway into our second license. Assuming purchasing habits stay the same, we will likely do a draw every two weeks,” she said.

Buyar said staff at the Care Centre were excited to hear about the draws.

“They were excited and happy to have the support. They value help from the community and also being able to help their residents,” she said.

She added, “The tickets are only $2 and you only need one ticket to win.”

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