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Blackfalds approves 2019 Budget with 1.5% tax increase

Town focuses on programming for young families

The Town of Blackfalds approved the 2019 budget for with a modest 1.5 per cent increase. The budget was developed with a three-year budget forecast in mind and as well as a ten-year funded Capital Projects plan. This allows the municipality to continue to provide economic sustainability to our citizens.

“The Town of Blackfalds continues to show unprecedented growth that resulted in the Town’s population eclipsing the 10,000 mark, as noted in the 2018 Census. With this sustained growth the Town has taken a conservative view and prioritized spending on what would benefit its residents,” said Mayor Richard Poole.

Based on the feedback received from residents through the Citizen Budget online engagement, the September 10 public open house, and our current economic reality, the Town set a slight increase in taxes at 1.5%, which is well below the Consumer Price Index for Alberta. With a growing population base, with the majority being young families, a focus continues to be to invest in the community through programming services as well as maintaining and expanding our infrastructure.

The key projects in the 2019 budget include:

  • Protective Services – Equipment ( Emergency radio system conversion, Firefighter Equipment replacement, Emergency Generator.)
  • Next phase Solar Energy program.
  • East Railway Street Upgrade continuation.
  • Athletic Park master plan continuation.
  • East Area Storm System and Wetlands – continuation.
  • Vehicular way-finding signage project.

While the Province now requires a balanced five year capital budget, the Town has a 10-year balanced capital budget and there is a total of $78 million planned for the next ten years.

The funding plan has identified $15 million in debentures over the ten years with the payments included in current taxation rates.

This plan includes new development, equipment and vehicle purchases, development projects for growth and maintenance of existing assets.

The Town is committed to offering the best for our residents to ensure their long term growth and development.

For details visit the Town website at

-Submitted by Town of Blackfalds