Blackfalds community plaza officially named Border Paving Plaza

The new community plaza in Blackfalds officially has a name. The plaza, which will be located east of the Eagle Builders Centre, had its official name Border Paving Plaza approved formally during the March 22 regular council meeting.

The Town said that the plaza will be a four-season gathering place that will provide residents and visitors with an aesthetically pleasing open area in which they can participate in markets, festivals, performances, and other community events.

“Over the past number of years, outdoor gatherings and events have been steadily growing in participation and popularity in Blackfalds, so it’s very exciting that we are moving forward with the Border Paving Plaza project that will serve to be a focal point for many of these exciting events,” said Jamie Hoover, mayor of Blackfalds. “Along with completing the Eagle Builder Centre and the road realignment, this outdoor plaza will quickly become a central point of pride in our always improving community.”

The 24,000 square foot space will feature a decorative stained concrete deck, stairs and ramps, landscape features, and a natural gas fire pit.

Border Paving Plaza’s budget is $668,000, of which 75 per cent was approved through the Canada Community Revitalization Fund. The remaining funds will be alleviated from other community sponsorships.

“Once again, we are very excited to be a part of Blackfalds’ commitment to public gatherings and community-minded development. Donations like this are part of our long-standing commitment to the communities we are part of,” said Amanda Stasiuk, Border Paving’s community outreach coordinator.

Construction of the plaza will begin this spring, in conjunction with the Gregg Street realignment project and is expected to be complete by the fall of 2022.