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Blackfalds Northwest Area Master Stormwater Management Plan receives support from City of Lacombe

The City of Lacombe is satisfied that the Town of Blackfalds has addressed potential impacts

The City of Lacombe is satisfied that the Town of Blackfalds has addressed potential impacts through the Northwest Area Master Stormwater Management Plan (MSMP).

The Master Plan, which the Town of Blackfalds developed with our regional partners and stakeholders concerns in mind, has been designed to address Stormwater Management in accordance with the Master Drainage Plan for the Wolf Creek and Whelp Brook Watersheds, developed to balance this important watershed, which was adopted regionally in 2014.

“We thank the Town of Blackfalds for addressing the City of Lacombe’s concerns,” said City of Lacombe Mayor Grant Creasey. “The Town of Blackfalds has considered the long-term environmental impact of their master stormwater management plan on the Whelp Brook water basin through Lacombe, and has developed a comprehensive plan that satisfies us and is consistent with the City’s goals for the sustainability of its physical assets.”

Over the past two years, the Town of Blackfalds has worked with its partners and stakeholders to address concerns and issues brought forth from residents, stakeholders and partners. To ensure issues were addressed, the Town of Blackfalds took into account concerns and recommendations to present a plan that meets and exceeds provincial standards.

“This project is important to the growth of our Town and our region,” stated Town of Blackfalds Mayor, Richard Poole. “We wanted to make sure that the concerns raised were addressed and that we went above and beyond the Provincial standards to satisfy these concerns.”

This plan demonstrates how the full build-out of the future northwest development area in Blackfalds will responsibly manage stormwater in accordance with regulatory requirements and previous Water Act approval. The proposed design has been completed to meet or exceed Alberta Environment and Parks’ standards for stormwater management design.

For more information on this plan and other developments in our region visit the Town of Blackfalds website:

-Submitted by the Town of Blackfalds