Burman University 'Commit to be fit' health fair this weekend

Burman University ‘Commit to be fit’ health fair this weekend

Join experts and businesses at Burman Uni. to explore total body health and wellness on Jan. 29th

  • Jan. 28, 2017 8:00 p.m.


Burman University is hosting their second annual total health fair, ‘Commit to be Fit’, this weekend on Jan. 29th to promote overall health, wellness and fitness.

Join businesses, booths and health professionals from 1:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. in the Burman University PE Centre to explore a number of topics from physical health programs, to emotional well-being and understanding mental health.

Admission is free for all attendees.

“Society in general seems to be moving in the direction of a holistic approach to health issues, and that is a reason we want to bring this to the community,” said Wanda Johnson, director of counselling, career development and disabilities at Burman.

“In dealing with the whole body, a healthy diet, exercise and how we allow ourselves to think helps our bodies become more healthy.”

Johnson said there are a wide variety of topics to be covered at the event, from nutrition to exercise, benefits of nature, trust in religion and ‘divine power’ to depression and anxiety recovery as well as the availability to speak to health professionals including a medical doctor, a nurse and a dietitian.

“Other programs include how to optimize brain power and performance and even a relationship specialist who will be there promoting a book that he and his wife wrote together,” Johnson said.

She explained that overall health is often more than healthy meals and regular exercise, but a commitment to make smart choices in dealing with emotional health, managing stress and exploring new options and ideas for being healthy.

As well, the focus on mental health and understanding emotional well-being is a big theme for the event.

“One thing I’ve seen through my counselling position is that when people are unhappy and bitter and negative in their thinking, that affects their body in a physical way as well,” Johnson said.

Students around campus will be participating in a ‘health census’ as well, with a particular focus on how to manage stress to maintain health.

There is programming available at the event for adults as well as children. For kids, there will be the New Start portion that includes bouncy castles, face painting and other kid-oriented health and fitness programs and games.