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City council approves revised sustainability plan

After putting the breaks on the plan in November of last year, Lacombe City council has adopted a revised version of ‘Imagine Lacombe,’

After putting the breaks on the plan in November of last year, Lacombe City council has adopted a revised version of ‘Imagine Lacombe,’ the City’s Municipal Sustainability Plan.

“This plan is the City’s highest level of guiding policy and identifies a framework for how the community will attain the vision between now and 2040,” said Mayor Steve Christie.

“Imagine Lacombe will be used and referenced to provide direction and develop future policy to guide the community to a more sustainable future.”

The Plan was brought before council in November, but was accepted only as information with council citing concerns that the plan was too ambitious, and better proofreading was necessary. A revised plan presented to council at its Jan. 13 meeting addressed these concerns and was accepted.

Planner Jennifer Kirchner said that the new plan is a framework for long-term planning and goal-setting while still being flexible to achieve short term goals and be responsive to the changing needs and opportunities of the community.

Councillor Bill McQuesten expressed his thanks to administration for addressing the concerns of council and commended the work they did in revising the plan.

“I certainly appreciate it. You did a knock-up job.”

The City of Lacombe commenced the Municipal Sustainability Plan in June of 2012 and engage the Centre for Sustainability – Whistler to assist in its development.

‘Imagine Lacombe’ was developed for and by the people of Lacombe, with over 1,200 responses received from residents throughout the consultation process.

‘Imagine Lacombe’ identifies five priority goals that the City will strive to meet, both through its operations and in how it develops.

These goals are to build a strong, local and diverse economy, preserve and enhance heritage and culture, promote a healthy, connected and active community, protect the natural environment and provide high quality services and infrastructure.

“The City of Lacombe will be using this document and referring to it as new plans and decisions are made to ensure that we are working towards meeting our goals,” said Lyla Peter, manager of planning and development.

“We hope that residents, businesses and organizations will also use ‘Imagine Lacombe’ in their planning and decision making, so that we are all working together to achieve the community’s vision.”

Peter encourages everyone to continue to contribute to achieving Imagine Lacombe’s vision. A workshop is being planned (date to be determined), which will provide interested participants the opportunity to learn more about the Plan and how it will be used.