(Lacombe Express File Photo)

(Lacombe Express File Photo)

City of Lacombe council highlights – Nov. 12,

The next scheduled council meetings is Nov. 25

5. Requests for Decision

5.1 Bylaw 370.2 (Procedural Bylaw Amendment)

Council adopted Bylaw 370.2, the Procedural Bylaw Amendment, after giving it third reading as presented. The amendment makes minor changes to the Procedural Bylaw, and authorizes the new council meeting agenda format.

5.2 Development Permit Application (DC2)

Council passed a resolution to approve the development proposed at 4565 46 Street (Lot 1, Plan 9020901 and Lot 3, Plan 932 0076), zoned as Direct Control 2 District, subject to recommended conditions. Council then delegated any amendments and/or approvals to the Development Officer to review, consider and issue occupancy and development permits for any businesses wishing to locate within the proposed building.

5.3 Education and Income Demographics – City of Lacombe

Council accepted the City of Lacombe Education and Income Demographics Report as information. The report analyzes Federal Census data on Lacombe’s population demographics from 2006 to 2016, and touches on the community’s population growth, population makeup and future trends.

5.4 Facility Use Fee Waiver Roster

Council passed a resolution to approve the 2020 Facility Use Fee Waiver Roster, as presented. The roster (formerly known as “Grandfathered Events”) includes previous approvals and additions for community events hosted by Big Brothers Big Sisters, Lacombe & District Family & Community Support Services, and Lacombe and District Special Olympics.

5.5 2020 Operating Budget

Council directed Administration to present two additional proposal scenarios – a zero percent tax increase and a 0.9 percent tax increase – in addition to the current proposal for a 1.4 per cent tax increase, for consideration at the November 25, 2019, regular Council meeting.

5.6 2020 Capital Budget

Council adopted the proposed 2020 Capital Budget as presented. The 2020 Capital Budget comprises 49 projects with budget totals at an estimated $8.8 million.

5.7 2020 – 2029 (Ten Year) Capital Plan

Council accepted the 2020-2029 Capital Plan for information. The plan outlines the future capital requirements of the City of Lacombe, based on Council priorities and existing infrastructure maintenance requirements.

5.8 Q3 – 2019 Financial Variance Report

Council accepted the 2019 Q3 Operating Variance Report as information. The report shows the anticipated and actual revenues and expenses by quarter.

5.9 Notice of Motion Re: Intra‐Community Public Transit

Council defeated a motion to direct Administration to prepare a report to the committee outlining the possibilities of an expanded use of Connex within the city of Lacombe.

*The next scheduled Council Meetings:

– November 25, 2019, at 5 p.m. (Regular)

– December 2, 2019, at 5 p.m. (Committee)

– December 9, 2019, at 5 p.m. (Regular)