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Lacombe Express File Photo

City of Lacombe Council highlights – October 22, 2018

The City of Lacombe held a regular meeting of Council


Business Incubator Central Alberta (BICA)

Burman University representatives Dr. John McDowell, Dr. Lucius Michel and Ian Foster introduced a Business Incubator proposal to Council. The proposal is intended to be a collaborative catalyst for economic diversification and business development in central Alberta, to be located in Lacombe. A true partnership between Burman University’s School of Business and the City of Lacombe underpins the vision for sharing the school’s knowledge and expertise with younger entrepreneurs, existing businesses and start-ups to improve their success rates. Student researchers from Burman University and financial support in the form of grants from federal, provincial, and local governments are necessary components for this initiative. Services provision would include business and strategic planning, market analysis and planning, and presentation and communication strategies.

Financial Services

Bylaw 460 (Henner’s Stormwater Outlet – Borrowing)

Council give second and third reading to Bylaw 460, the bylaw required to authorize the borrowing to fund the Henner’s Pond Stormwater Outlet project, as presented.

The total borrowing amount for this bylaw is $1,820,000. It will carry both interest and principal payments with semi annual payments. The annual debt servicing cost will be approximately $107,000 per year at current interest rates (3.236% at 25 years amortization).

2019 Operating Budget

Council passed a resolution to accept the proposed 2019 Operating Budget report as information, for consideration during the upcoming 2019 Budget workshops.

2019 Capital Budget/10 Year Capital Plan

Council accepted the 2019 Capital Budget and the 10 Year Capital Planreports as information, and voted to defer discussion until the November 5 Council Committee Meeting.

Property Tax Request

Council voted to credit property assessment roll #015048420 for overpaid taxes in the amount of $2,499.06.

Planning and Development Services

Bylaw 400.18 (Land Use Bylaw Update) Council gave first reading to Bylaw 400.18, which includes proposed amendments to Land Use Bylaw 400, with respect to new development and municipal standards set forth in the revised Municipal Government Act, April 1, 2018, consolidated edition, as presented.

Council then directed Administration to schedule a public hearing for Bylaw 400.18 at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, November 26, 2018.

Council and Legislative

Fall Coffee with Council

Council passed a resolution to accept the Resident Comment Summary from the 2018 Fall Coffee with Council session as information.

Motions Out of Camera

Land Matter I C

ouncil voted to support in principle the proposal as discussed, and directed Administration to work with Lacombe Athletic Park Association to develop a potential business plan.

Land Matter II

Council directed Administration to amend the agreement between Stalwart and the City of Lacombe as follows:

• Amendment of section 3.4, as discussed in-camera

• Extend the expiration date for satisfaction of all conditions to January 16, 2019.

*The next scheduled Council Committee Meeting is on November 5, 2018, at 5 p.m.

*The next scheduled Regular Council Meeting is on November 13, 2018, at 5 p.m.

*The next scheduled Regular Council Meeting is on November 26, 2018, at 5 p.m.

-Submitted by the City of Lacombe