(Photo by The City of Lacombe)

(Photo by The City of Lacombe)

City of Lacombe grows by over 7%

Population grows to 13,985, up from 13,057 in 2016

Lacombe is continuing to grow, despite provincial economic struggles.

Lacombe city council recently discussed the results of the 2019 Municipal Census — which showed the City had grown from 13,057 (2016 Federal census) to 13,985, which is equal to a 7.11 per cent growth rate.

The yearly growth rate in the city has been 2.37 per cent and around 25.78 have arrived in Lacombe monthly.

Lacombe Mayor Grant Creasey said steady growth is good for the city, especially during difficult economic times.

That is a nice thing about Lacombe that our growth is rather steady.

“For us to realize that type of positive growth each and every month — basically almost a person per day — is a very positive sign and speaks highly towards the quality of life we enjoy here in Lacombe,” he said.

Growth also means that Lacombe can access further grant funding and typically, grant allotments for Lacombe are around $210 per person, which was equal to a total of $2,741,970 in 2016. The estimated grant allotment for 2019, accounting for population growth, is $2,936,850.

Creasey was cautiously optimistic that growth would have surpassed 7.11 per cent but he said the current growth does allow for some stress to be taken off city staff and officials

“The fact that growth is steady enables us to plan for it and keep our taxation under control — which is always forefront in everyone’s mind,” he said.

The city will now compile results from the census to see if they can extrapolate the best way to allot community resources.

“It will offer some valuable insight and may tip the scales on where we need to allocate community services as well,” Creasey added.


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