City of Lacombe looking to ensure downtown two-hour parking is being followed

City of Lacombe looking to ensure downtown two-hour parking is being followed

City encourages holiday shoppers to buy local

Some businesses in downtown Lacombe are concerned with parked vehicles overstaying their welcomes.

Throughout downtown, free two hour parking is the standard arrangement but some businesses have approached the City of Lacombe concerned with vehicles parked beyond that time frame.

“In the past, it hasn’t been a huge concern. We have heard from a few businesses and a few citizens that are hoping during the Christmas season we can keep an eye on it for them,” Director of Corporate Services Diane Piche said.

“We are going to take stock to see what the situation is. If it is a concern, we will definitely keep an eye on more. We are encouraging people to come downtown and we want them to be able to park close the businesses they are trying to get to.”

Piche said it wasn’t many businesses with concerns, but still enough for the city to look into the issue.

“We haven’t kept stats on it. We don’t have a lot of information as of now. This is why we are watching this month to see what is happening. The signage has always been there for guidance. From here on in, we will keep a closer eye on it,” she said.

The city is hoping to attract customers to the downtown area.

“During Light Up the Night, we had an onslaught coming in and we hope they come back to the downtown area to do more shopping,” she said. “We are seeing it in other communities where they try to get people to come down and one of the characteristics we have here in Lacombe is free parking in the downtown.

“A lot of times, people are able to park close to the buildings they are trying to get to.”

The ideal result would be people cycling in and out of downtown but there is long-term parking located throughout downtown.

“We have outlined some maps of extended parking for people who want to take the full day. All around the LMC there is a lot of extended parking and over by the Michener museum there is extended parking, as well as around near Hanna’s Seeds where the Blacksmith Shop is,” Piche said.

She added, “We hope this encourages people to get downtown and get to the businesses the are wanting to access equally”

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