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City of Lacombe offers new ways to connect

New practices to ensure inquiries are given proper consideration

The City of Lacombe is pleased to announce the establishment of a new practice to ensure that formal citizen requests, inquiries or complaints regarding municipal issues are given proper consideration and are dealt in a fair, open and timely manner.

Residents can submit correspondence to Council by written letter, email or through an online form available on the Citizens Requests and Inquiries webpage (, which will go directly to Council as a whole for review and response.

“We recognize the importance of two-way communication with residents and other stakeholders,” said Mayor Grant Creasey. “Members of the public who submit an inquiry or complaint will receive a written response. Where authorized, the responses will be publicly posted on this new webpage.”

“Citizens can correspond with Council and Administration on any number of topics,” said Chief Administrative Officer Matthew Goudy. “Should complaints happen to involve City employees, they will be considered in a professional manner, taking into account the protection of personal information of the employees and citizens.”

Given the public nature of Council and Council Committee meetings, a resident writing to Council or to City administration may have a reasonable expectation that their correspondence, including their name and address, could be disclosed at a public meeting. Personal information such as telephone numbers, email addresses and any other personal details will be removed from public viewing, in accordance with the Alberta Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy (FOIPP) Act.

Any personal information citizens provide to the City of Lacombe is collected under the authority of the FOIP Act – Section 33(c). The information will be used for the purpose of addressing citizen requests, inquiries and complaints.

If you have any questions or concerns about your personal information, please contact the City’s FOIP Coordinator at (403)782-6666.

To access an archive of Council and Administration responses to citizen inquiries, go to

To read more about the roles and responsibilities of City administration and Council in this process, please see the City of Lacombe’s Citizen Request and Response Policy, located at

-Submitted by the City of Lacombe