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City of Red Deer asks residents to help protect the pipes

Products that can cause blockages include towel, diapers, food scraps and fat, oil and grease

City of Red Deer residents are reminded that disposable wipes are not flushable and should be disposed of in Black Carts to avoid costly blockages in the wastewater treatment system.

Products that are labelled as “flushable” do not break down in the wastewater system and can lead to backed-up sewers and flooded basements.

Along with disposable wipes, other products that can cause blockages in the sewer system include: paper towel, diapers, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, bandages, food scraps and fat, oil and grease

A detailed list of how to dispose of non-flushable products is available in this brochure. More information about the wastewater treatment system is available on the city’s website at

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