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Collaborate provides a new portal to partner with the City

Opportunities are now live through Lacombe.ca/Collaborate

A new initiative that will explore innovative land development, partnerships, and sponsorship opportunities has been approved by Lacombe City Council.

Through the continued use of a public and transparent Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) process, these opportunities are now live through Lacombe.ca/Collaborate with descriptions, videos, and detailed maps of several municipal properties.

The RFEOI will include land development at Len Thompson industrial park lots, the public works site, the city hall site, the vacant industrial lot located at 3810 53 Avenue, just east of the police station, the vacant lot located at 5422 56 Avenue, between city hall to the west, the Aab Street road allowance, and Sunset Way road allowance.

“Council is always looking for creative ways to drive investment towards Lacombe,” said Grant Creasey, mayor. “The RFEOI process allows the city to partner with the broader community to ensure municipal properties maximize the benefit for our citizens. Council looks forward to reviewing innovative proposals from interested citizens, organizations, and businesses. (It) is an excellent tool for our future partners to engage with the city on these properties.”

The creation stems from the success of Building Lacombe: RFEOI, which in 2019 led to multiple achievements, including the acquisition of the former Parkland Regional Library building and the sale of the two newly created commercial lots on the western edge of the community.

There are also partnership opportunities at city-owned parking lots (not including the Lacombe Memorial Centre and Fire Hall locations), Michener Park Campground, and the Lacombe Memorial Centre Kinsmen Room.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available at the Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex, dressing rooms, public art, splash park, and the hall of fame.

Those looking to partner with the city through the RFEOI process can submit their proposals through the form on Lacombe.ca, or contact the Director of Community Services Guy Lapointe at 403 782-1295 or Economic Development Officer Paula Law at 403-762-1263.