County Council Briefs: Paving approved

Lacombe County has approved the tender for the 2015 Paving Program.

Lacombe County has approved the tender for the 2015 Paving Program.

The projects for 2015 include the re-paving of a portion of C and E Trail north of Lacombe, a base pave to 34th St., upgrades to the Lacombe Lake Subdivision cul-de-sac, Nova Access road, The Slopes on the north side of Sylvan Lake and the Westend Landing Road.

A total of fi ve bids were received for the projects. Central City Ltd. was the lowest valid bidder at $4,247,357 and received the contract.

In addition to the tendered amount, the County budgeted for 10% contingency, for a total of $5,656,029. Due to other reduced costs through lower engineer estimates and the use of internal staffing, the total project cost is under budget by $488,414.


Two bridges along the Alix North Road will be repaired.

Council approved the tender for the repairs of bridge structures BF694 and BF2175. A total of three bids were received, all which were over the estimated cost of $170,000. The lowest valid bidder was Alberta Bridge Works in the amount of $208,040.

Recent inspections had identified problems with the two bridges.

Currently the bridges are being monitored or have imposed weight restrictions until repairs are made. The repairs should be completed by June 30th.


Council approved a funding request from the Summer Village of Gull Lake for upgrades to the community hall. The total cost of the upgrades sits at $78,000, with the main project, the replacement of chairs in the hall, being funded through an ‘Adopt a Chair Program.’

The program will fund about $23,000 of the costs.

The Village requested the County fund half of the remaining costs of $27,500.

Council approved funding half the total.


Council received a request from the Town of Blackfalds to support the construction of a shelter for the outdoor amphitheatre at the Abbey Centre. The total cost is estimated at $70,000 and the Town requested the County to contribute $20,000 towards the construction. A motion was made to contribute $6,000 but council did not approve it.